Billy the Kid's First Victim

— BILLY THE KID’S FIRST VICTIM — A big, muscular Irish immigrant by the name of Frank “Windy” Cahill ran the blacksmith operation at Camp Grant Army Post in the Arizona Territory in 1877. Cahill stood around six-feet-tall and weighed a little over two-hundred pounds, with the reputation of a loudmouth and a bully.

On several occasions, he directed his verbal abuse at a teenager named Henry Antrim, who stood […]

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Rocky Mountain Det. Agency

— A MAN OF RESULTS — The only light in the hotel hallway came from a flicking candle carried by a determined detective named David J. Cook. Accompanied by several others, Cook managed to slip undetected into the room of sleeping gang leader, Edward Franklin.

Franklin, who lay fast asleep in his bed at the Overland House in Golden, Colorado, and partner-in-crime Lee H. Musgrove served as masterminds behind the […]

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— THE MAN WITH COLD BLUE EYES — Between 1886 and 1890, the Rube Burrow gang swept across Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indian Territory, and Texas, robbing trains. The gang’s first-ever train robbery came on a morning in late 1886 when Burrow and his men rode into the train station at Bellvue, Texas, to await the arrival of the Denver & Fort Worth Express. 

Just before noon, the Express rolled into the depot […]

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Tombstone Shooutout

— A RESERVATION FOR BOOTHILL      — On a quiet morning in the fall of 1882, a couple of hours after sunrise, the sound of gunfire echoed through the streets of Tombstone, Arizona, ending a bitter argument between two men.    

Earlier in the day, a drunk and verbally abusive Billy Floyd Claiborne got into a shoving and shouting match with gunman Buckskin Frank Leslie at the Oriental Saloon over politics. […]

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