— HANG ‘EM HIGH, HANG ‘EM QUICK — The huge crowd appeared restless, focused on a small, thin man with dark eyes who stepped across the planks of the gallows, the wood creaking beneath his boots.

George Maledon, dressed in a black suit with a two-gun rig strapped around the outside of his coat, stood off to the side and listened while a lawman read death warrants to each of […]

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Outlaw, Milton Sharp

— THE INCONVENIENT OUTLAW — Gun blazing, two gunmen pushed their horses hard until they flanked the Wells Fargo Express stagecoach, forced it to stop, and ordered the passengers, driver, and stagecoach guards off the stage.

While his partner held everyone at gunpoint, outlaw Milton A. Sharp retrieved the strongboxes.

Since Wells Fargo Express coaches carried large amounts of money from one bank to another, Sharp expected a big payoff.


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— 160 SENTENCED TO DEATH —  The journey from Missouri to Arkansas was long, tiring, and generally uncomfortable aboard the steamboat Ella Hughes, its passenger cabins nothing more than wooden bunks with curtains for privacy.

Among the passengers: The newly appointed judge for the Western District of Arkansas at Fort Smith, Isaac Parker. The man’s family, who stayed behind in Missouri, would join him sometime later.

Judge Parker […]

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6- Second Gunfight

— THE SIXTY-SECOND GUNFIGHT — The lawman checked his pocket watch, slipped the arrest warrant from his pocket, and left Brown and Kinder’s Livery on foot to confront a cattle rustler also suspected of murdering three Navajo Indians.

Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens of Apache County, Arizona Territory, wore a wide-brimmed hat to cover his flowing hair, a fringed buckskin jacket, and silver-studded chaps.

A four-inch-wide […]

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