Writing To Remember Things

Write To Remember

Our memory can’t always make room for the information we want stored, so it’s best to write down things we want to remember.

In the not too distant past, I considered my memory flawless. But, after a few forgetful and embarrassing incidents, I decided to make full use of my electronic calendar.

And, I don’t make many moves without it.

Writing Improves Memory

The act of writing things down can also help improve memory.

Business […]

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Doodle, Draw, and Drum

Versatile Pencil

Sometimes, when writing, I want to slow the thought process, but not bring it to a complete stop.

What works for me is to grab a pencil, and a pad of paper, and just doodle, scribble, draw, and drum. And it’s good for an occasional chew, as well –much tastier than a keyboard.

A Versatile Tool

A pencil is versatile.

No need for a wireless connection, bluetooth, or other external source to operate –such as […]

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Silence in the Heart

Rest & Relaxation

When I wasn’t exploring the surrounding lush woodlands along graceful, winding trails, I relaxed in a hand-built wooden chair, my legs stretched across the top of a narrow stone wall, reading, writing, and contemplating.

Doing Nothing is Special

Doing absolutely nothing — but thinking — is special.

The experience is spiritual, peaceful, and powerful. Several years ago, while trying to cope with a personal tragedy, I spent three days at a monastery in Trappist, Kentucky.


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Hunt for the USS Alligator

Civil War Sub

Somewhere in the waters off the coast of North Carolina, a search is underway for the US Navy’s first submarine, the Alligator. The submarine was built in 1862 in Philadelphia.

It’s is considered one of the Civil War’s great maritime advances, which includes the Confederate submarine CSS H.L. Hunley (raised a few years ago), and the ironclad, USS Monitor.

Pioneering Innovations

The 47-foot long “secret weapon” included several pioneering advancements, including:

Diver’s lockout chamber Air […]

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