How To Get Ideas

Great Idea!

The creative process often defies explanation. For some, it seems to come naturally. For others, it’s a process that requires a great deal of thinking and tinkering.

An Idea Machine

I envy those among us who can produce ideas at the snap of a finger. And if you ask them how they do it, very few would admit to relying on an actual process for creativity.

For example, a friend of mine, an art director […]

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Time Travel Through Fiction

Historical Fiction

The most difficult obstacle in writing novels with historical settings is a 21st century frame-of-reference ranks.

Unlike stories featuring contemporary backdrops, writers of historical fiction aren’t able to rely on common knowledge.

Blend of Research and Imagination

As a result, a tremendous amount of research is required , especially for stories that reflect actual specific events.

But research is no substitute for imagination.

Good stories–regardless of genre–bubble up from the imagination. Before the bubbling part, […]

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