— VOWED NO ONE WOULD TAKE HIM ALIVE — In the early morning of June 1902, a work detail marched to the prison foundry at the Oregon state penitentiary. Two inmates broke off from the group and retrieved a pair of Winchesters an accomplice had smuggled in from the outside. 

Minutes later, the calm of a Wednesday morning was shattered when Harry Tracy and David Merrill staged a bloody […]

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Spotted Elk

 — SLAUGHTER AT WOUNDED KNEE CREEK — Under a sky the color of gunmetal, Chief Spotted Elk and his mixed band of about 350 Miniconjou Lakota and Hunkpapa Sioux tramped through a blanket of snow toward the Pine Ridge Reservation tucked into the southwestern corner of South Dakota, near Wounded Knee Creek.

Despite falling ill with pneumonia, Spotted Elk, also referred to as Chief Big Foot, left Standing Rock Agency […]

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— TAMING CRIME AND CORRUPTION — Three lawmen pooled their resources in the late 19th century to track down and arrest more than 300 outlaws in Indian Territory and gunned down several others. 

The U.S. government had purchased two million acres of land in Indian Territory and opened it to white settlers in 1889. But the vast area proved a breeding ground for crime and corruption.

Over a […]

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 — THE WILCOX TRAIN ROBBERY — In the early morning of Friday, June 2, 1899, engineer W.R. “Grindstone” Jones guided the westbound Union Pacific Overland Flyer No. 1 through the dark and the drizzle. In the distance, Jones spotted two men with signal lanterns flagging him down at milepost 609, near Wilcox, Wyoming.    

Thinking the rain might have washed out a small wooden bridge up ahead, Jones applied the […]

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