— THE WILCOX TRAIN ROBBERY — In the early morning of Friday, June 2, 1899, engineer W.R. “Grindstone” Jones guided the westbound Union Pacific Overland Flyer No. 1 through the dark and the drizzle. In the distance, Jones spotted two men with signal lanterns flagging him down at milepost 609, near Wilcox, Wyoming.    

Thinking the rain might have washed out a small wooden bridge up ahead, Jones applied the […]

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— THE SALOON SHOOTOUT — On the last day of May 1888, former Pinal County Sheriff John Peter Gabriel and his one-time deputy Josephus Phy traded angry words at a saloon in the Arizona Territory mining boomtown of Florence.

The tension between the two seasoned law officers had been building for a couple of years.

Gabriel won the sheriff’s post in 1883 and hired the 39-year old Phy […]

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 — CURSE OF THE PHANTOM VOYAGE — Trapper Leon Webber stood on the banks of the Platte River in southeast Wyoming in 1862 looking across the water when a strange mist appeared.

He felt uneasy and frightened. A cold chill enveloped him.

Seconds later, the image of what looked like an old sailing ship emerged from the formless cloud of fog, its sails and masts coated in frost.

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— CAPTURING A FRONTIER KILLER — Texas Ranger John B. Armstrong entered the passenger coach of the train at Pensacola Junction and spotted the escaped killer he had been hunting along with other members of his gang. He switched the cane he was using to his left hand, drew his Colt .45 with the other, and took aim.  

“Texas, by God!” outlaw John Wesley Hardin cried out, registering surprise at seeing Armstrong.

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