Marshal, Telluride, CO

— LAW AND DISORDER —  At around midnight, August 6, 1895, a gunshot exploded from the darkness and echoed through the main street of Telluride, Colorado. City Marshal Jim Clark buckled to his knees with a bullet to his chest and died within an hour.  

Authorities never identified the killer who ambushed the 54-year old lawman.

Speculation varied on the reason for the execution. […]

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No Honor Among Thieves

Gold coins

Stories of buried treasure always make fascinating reading. This one – if true – involved cold-blooded killing, a treasure of gold and jewels, and a double-double cross.

In the summer of 1881, outlaw Jim Hughes overheard a group of Mexican bandits planning to smuggle a sizable stolen treasure into the US to dump onto the black market. Hughes saw a chance at quick riches, and recruited his own gang to spring an ambush, and steal […]

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