— A DISASTEROUS DEBUT — The engineer of  Southern Pacific train #17 traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles spotted a red lantern in the distance. As the locomotive neared a small station at Alila, California, George Radcliff applied the hand brake, slowing the big unit. 

In the darkness of February 6, 1891, three masked men leaped aboard the passenger train. Guns drawn, Bob and  Gratton Dalton rushed Radcliff and forced him to halt […]

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— LAST OLD WEST TERRORIST — In the early morning of August 25, 1896, outlaw Bill Doolin left his sleeping wife and child in her parents’ farmhouse and stepped into the main road under the light of a full moon—a walk from which he wouldn’t return.

Not far from the house in Lawson, Oklahoma, lawman Heck Thomas, and four deputies waited in hiding.

When Thomas spotted Doolin, […]

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The five men who rode into Coffeyville, Kansas, at mid-morning October 5, 1892, wore false beards and wigs, but the disguises didn’t fool everyone. Some residents recognized members of the Dalton Gang, who once lived in Coffeyville for a short time.

Before their journey to Coffeyville, the Dalton brothers staged four train robberies in Indian Territory, enriching themselves by several thousand dollars.

But Bob Dalton, considered the wildest of the brothers, yearned for something more […]

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Outlaw Bill Doolin, Wild Bunch

On the morning of October 5, 1892, a group of six men galloped toward the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas, to make outlaw history by robbing two banks simultaneously, but one of them sensed an impending danger.

Bill Doolin, a member of the Dalton Gang, suddenly pulled back on the reins and slowed his horse to a stop, pretending it had thrown a shoe, and explained he was heading to a nearby ranch […]

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