Vigilante X

To answer rising crime rates in the Alder Gulch region of Montana, site of the gold rush, citizens banded together to deliver swift and harsh justice. 






 — THE NIGHT THEY HANGED THE SHERIFF — On a dark, cold night of January 10, 1864, a large group of mounted gunmen kicked up clouds of dust and thundered into Bannock, Montana, crowding the street in front of the sheriff’s office.

Several dismounted and barged inside. The self-appointed enforcers of justice dragged Sheriff Henry Plummer and his two deputies, Ned Ray and Buck Stinson, into the street.

For the […]

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— REVOLVING DOOR PRISONER — Cyrus Skinner spent most of his life reigning terror on others—until a cold winter night in 1864 when Lady Justice rode into a place called Hell Gate, Montana.

Born in Ohio in 1829, Skinner spent his youth robbing people.

At age 21, he moved to California and became a sort of revolving-door-prisoner.

In 1851, authorities arrested him for burglary […]

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FlashBack Friday Newsletter #28

FlashBack Friday

A. Give the Man His Fruit B. Top Three Blogs of the Week C. Popular Facebook & Twitter Posts D. Reader Feedback / Reviews


A. My Two Cents Worth


In these days of spiraling prices, exceptional service is something consumers expect and deserve. Responsive and consistent customer service creates favorable perceptions.

Today, because of the Internet and, specifically, social media sites, consumers have access to public forums where they can register praise and […]

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