"Inside Job"

— SHORT JIMMY’S SHORT SPENDING SPREE — Armed and wearing masks, five gunmen bolted from a stand of Ponderosa pine, surrounded the Canyon Diablo-Flagstaff stagecoach, and told the driver to “throw down the two heavy mail sacks.”


The stagecoach driver couldn’t conceal his surprise. Of the four mailbags aboard, the two heaviest contained a large quantity of gold and silver ingots and coins.

Well-Fargo, weary from a […]

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Charley Parkhurst

 — ONE-EYED, PISTOL PACKIN’ STAGECOACH WHIP — The lone masked gunman emerged from hiding, fired into the air, and forced the stagecoach to a stop. He leveled his six-gun at the driver. “Throw down the strongbox,” he ordered.  

Caught off-guard by the assault, the driver hesitated for a few seconds before lifting the heavy treasure box out of the front boot and letting it fall to the ground. 


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— THE HAPLESS HIGHWAYMAN — Outlaw Dick Fellows stood in the shadows across the street from the Wells Fargo office in Caliente, California, and watched three strongboxes placed aboard the awaiting stagecoach. He smiled, pleased his instincts had paid off.  

But then he spotted Wells Fargo Chief Detective James B. Hume, and three officers board the stage. 

Fellows had no way of knowing the value of the […]

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— THE SCOURGE OF WELLS FARGO — On July 23, 1878, a man wearing a flour sack over his head, forced a Wells Fargo stagecoach to a stop, took the small treasure box containing less than $400, and made off with a passenger’s diamond ring and watch.

When authorities recovered the box, inside they discovered the following poem from non-other than Black Bart:

“Here I lay me down to sleep […]

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