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“When the Smoke Clears:
Gunslingers and Gunfights of the Old West”

Rediscover the old west!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 41 stories highlighting shootouts that shaped the reality and myth of the American frontier.
  • 111 pages packed with true adventures of those who lived and died by the six-gun.
  • Each story five minutes or less to read.

Read about:

  • 18-year old James Riley who killed four men and wounded three others in a Newton, Kansas, saloon and vanished.
  • Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt facing-off in the town square of Springfield, Missouri, to settle a dispute about gambling debts.
  • Red Buck Weightman, a cold-blooded frontier hit man who charged fifty bucks a kill.
  • Billy the Kid’s revenge on Deputy U.S. Marshal Bob Olinger, a bully with a badge.
  • Elfego Baca, a self-appointed teenage lawman who rode into the pages of history by holding off a deadly assault by 80 ranch hands.

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Kathleen Rice Adams, Award-Winning Western Author

“Tip o’ my hat to another great western writer. Don’t let them tell you the ‘western’ genre is dead.”

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