— THE EQUALIZER — A glimmering Saturday morning sunrise stretched across the distant horizon, June 27, 1874—the backdrop for a large band of Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Comanche sweeping across the Plains toward the Adobe Walls trading post.

Behind the walls of the small settlement along the Canadian River in the Texas Panhandle crouched a group of worried buffalo hunters, but prepared for battle. 

The twenty-eight men and one woman braced their […]

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Dodge City Deputy Marshal Ed Masterson stormed through the door of the Lone Star and locked eyes with a liquored-up customer holding dance hall owner Texas Dick Moore at gunpoint.

Bob Shaw—the man with the gun—blathered something about Moore stealing forty-dollars from him.

“Put your gun away,” Masterson warned.

Shaw responded by squeezing off a shot at Moore. The bullet missed.

Masterson slipped his six-shooter from the holster, approached Shaw, […]

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Deputy Sheriff William Tilghman strapped on a gun belt, stepped out of his office, and crossed the street to find a man by the name of Ed Prather, who spent the last couple of days terrorizing the folks of Farmer City, Kansas while celebrating the July 4th holiday.

Tilghman, who turned 34 the previous morning—July 4, 1888—reportedly helped Prather out a few times and considered him a friend.

Prather, according to various accounts, had […]

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Bat Masterson, Gunfighter and Journalist

Gunfighter and Journalist

William Barclay Masterson stands as one of the more memorable and fascinating figures in history. But not for his image as a fearless Western gunfighter, gambler, and lawman.

Bat Masterson, as he was known, spent the last twenty years of his life carving a reputation as a newspaper columnist, and boxing authority, in New York City.

The columns – Masterson’s Views on Timely Topics – appeared in the New York Morning Telegraph three times a week. They covered a broad range […]

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