Tombstone Shooutout

— A RESERVATION FOR BOOTHILL      — On a quiet morning in the fall of 1882, a couple of hours after sunrise, the sound of gunfire echoed through the streets of Tombstone, Arizona, ending a bitter argument between two men.    

Earlier in the day, a drunk and verbally abusive Billy Floyd Claiborne got into a shoving and shouting match with gunman Buckskin Frank Leslie at the Oriental Saloon over politics. […]

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Hired Gun

— RIDING WITH HISTORY — Sherman McMaster never stayed long in one place. Always on the move, he crisscrossed Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. He rode the frontier mostly as a hired gun and associated with some of the most recognizable names in history. 

Born 1853 into wealthy Illinois family, McMaster—also known as McMasters—made his way West in his late Teens or Twenties.

And he wasted little making […]

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