— GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER — A gunshot echoed through the streets of Charleston, Arizona Territory, on an early Friday afternoon, killing W.P. Schneider, chief engineer of the nearby Corbin Mill & Mining Co.


Before the January 14, 1881, shooting in the rugged mill town southeast of Tombstone, Schneider and a young man identified as Johnny-Behind-the-Deuce exchanged angry words at a saloon during the lunch hour.

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Wells Fargo

— TRACKING LAWBREAKERS — A young gambler by the name of Fred Dodge sat behind the driver of the stagecoach that rolled into Tombstone on a sunny but nippy winter afternoon in early December 1879. His journey to Arizona Territory, however, involved much more than spending time at a card table.

Gambling provided Dodge the flexibility he needed to carry out his duties as an undercover agent for Wells Fargo […]

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