Wells Fargo

— TRACKING LAWBREAKERS — A young gambler by the name of Fred Dodge sat behind the driver of the stagecoach that rolled into Tombstone on a sunny but nippy winter afternoon in early December 1879. His journey to Arizona Territory, however, involved much more than spending time at a card table.

Gambling provided Dodge the flexibility he needed to carry out his duties as an undercover agent for Wells Fargo […]

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The Three Guardsmen Tame Crime and Corruption

Delivering Law and Order

In the late 19th century, the US government purchased two million acres of Indian Territory and opened it to white settlement in 1889, but the territory proved a breeding ground for crime and corruption.

Over a ten-year period three deputy US marshals pooled their resources to track down and arrest more than 300 outlaws, and killed several others.

The Three Guardsmen, as they were known, took it upon themselves to establish law and order to […]

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