Author, John Duncklee

John Duncklee keeps a file on his computer labeled “Ideas.” He gets them all the time, often involuntarily, no matter what he’s doing. Even when he’s in the middle of a story he’s already working on.

Over the years, he has written books of fiction and non-fiction, satire, articles, and poetry.

When he writes about the Old West, he brings experience to the roles fulfilled by his characters. At one time or another, […]


StoryTeller’s 7: Rod Miller, Notoriety Through Cowboy Poetry

Author Rod Miler

Creativity is a constant companion to writer Rod Miller.

He has spent more than three decades in advertising as a copywriter, broadcast producer, and creative director. Along the way, he has collected over 300 awards for his creativity.

In the mid-90s, he decided to switch gear and write something different. He started with cowboy poetry, followed by short fiction and novels.

The results stand as proof of his talent.

Rod’s work has won […]

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A Time to Chill

Music and Savage Beast

Every now and then, when you’re unproductive, and your idea machine hits a wall, take a break. Put on your earphones, settle back and listen to music.

Sometimes, as a writer, I hit a dead-end, grappling with a particular plot problem, or character trait.

My tendency is to sit and keep plugging along until I write myself into a solution. But, sometimes, there is only dark at the end of the tunnel.

Turn On the […]

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Where to Find Inspiration


All of us could use a good dose of inspiration every now and again. Inspiration fuels our mental energy and helps keep our mind focused.

A friend of mine compares inspiration to a cup of morning coffee.

“You need a quick jolt of it to kick-start your creative juices,” he said

Find Inspiration Everywhere

We all get inspiration from different sources.

For some, it’s daily readings or reflections. Others get inspired by a brisk walk […]

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