— VOWED NO ONE WOULD TAKE HIM ALIVE — In the early morning of June 1902, a work detail marched to the prison foundry at the Oregon state penitentiary. Two inmates broke off from the group and retrieved a pair of Winchesters an accomplice had smuggled in from the outside. 

Minutes later, the calm of a Wednesday morning was shattered when Harry Tracy and David Merrill staged a bloody […]

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Bandit Queen

— THE BANDIT QUEEN — The woman, dressed as a man, looped a rope over a tree limb and slipped a noose around the rancher’s neck. She warned him to reveal the whereabouts of a treasure he buried—or die.

After feeling the noose tighten around his neck and being yanked into the air a few times, Walt Grayson came clean and disclosed the location of $30,000 in gold. 

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FlashBack Friday Newsletter

FlashBack Friday

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Sunday, March 17

Where Steinbeck Ate, But Didn’t Talk Much: The tall, slender man at the counter knew John Steinbeck, but didn’t much care for him.

Monday, March 18

The Mystery of Dead Man’s Hand: Stories say Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down during […]

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