— REVOLVING DOOR PRISONER — Cyrus Skinner spent most of his life reigning terror on others—until a cold winter night in 1864 when Lady Justice rode into a place called Hell Gate, Montana.

Born in Ohio in 1829, Skinner spent his youth robbing people.

At age 21, he moved to California and became a sort of revolving-door-prisoner.

In 1851, authorities arrested him for burglary […]

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TIN STAR: The Men Behind the Badge

The Tin Star

The sheriff sat at his desk fiddling with a tin can, cutting, and bending the metal to create a temporary badge that would identify him as the law.

Since the county never needed a sheriff before, it had no badge to provide the man citizens just elected.

The new lawman began having second thoughts about the extent of his new duties and responsibilities. Enforcing the law was only part of the […]

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