Baxter County Sheriff

— POPULAR SHERIFF GUNNED DOWN — A gray mist floated low over the Ouachita River as lawmen tramped through the dark and gloomy swampland of Mount Ida, Arkansas, hunting for the man who killed the sheriff of Baxter County.

Abraham Garland Byler had issued an arrested warrant for 26-year old Charlie Watkins—alias Jesse B. Roper—charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm.

Byler and a posse tracked the Georgia-born […]

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— BAT MASTERSON’S LAST GUNFIGHT — A restless and tense Bat Masterson stared out the window of the train that pulled into Dodge City, Kansas, in the late morning of April 16, 1881. In his pocket, he carried a telegram warning that his younger brother Jim’s life was in danger because of a bitter business relationship.

Jim Masterson, along with A.J. Peacock, owned the Lady Gay Saloon and Dance Hall.

Peacock’s brother-in-law, Al […]


The Legend of Pistol Pete

Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton

Frank Eaton was eight-years old when he watched his father gunned down in the moonlight, outside their Kansas home, by a group of former Confederate soldiers, calling themselves the Regulators.

A neighbor and family friend, didn’t mix words, telling the youngster: “My boy, may an old man’s curse rest upon you, if you do not try go avenge your father.”

Knowing vengeance usually works best in the hands of a someone with specialized […]

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Bat Masterson, Gunfighter and Journalist

Gunfighter and Journalist

William Barclay Masterson stands as one of the more memorable and fascinating figures in history. But not for his image as a fearless Western gunfighter, gambler, and lawman.

Bat Masterson, as he was known, spent the last twenty years of his life carving a reputation as a newspaper columnist, and boxing authority, in New York City.

The columns – Masterson’s Views on Timely Topics – appeared in the New York Morning Telegraph three times a week. They covered a broad range […]

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