The Hanging of Mary Surratt

1st Woman Hanged by US Govt

AT 1:26 PM ON A WARM AND SUNNY July 7, 1865, a special signal alerted two soldiers standing beneath a gallows to knock away the supporting beams with long poles.

A second later, four trapdoors snapped downward, and four bodies dropped a few feet through the openings before the ropes around their necks jerked them back up with a savage swiftness.

All four were hanged as convicted conspirators in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. […]

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The Hunt for Lost Civil War Gold

Gold Bullion

Although my novel – Last Stand At Bitter Creek – is a work of fiction, there is plenty of real history woven into the plot. One of the incidents involved a small detachment of Union solders that left Wheeling, West Virginia, in June 1863. escorting a shipment of gold bullion that allegedly went missing in the rugged and remote North-central region of Pennsylvania.

Secret Cargo of Gold

Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln ordered the […]

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FlashBack Friday Newsletter

FlashBack Friday

Welcome to FlashBack Friday

Today, a quick recap of:

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Monday, March 4

Lincoln Addresses Slavery in First Inaugural: Newley-elected President Abraham Lincoln took a strong stand against secession in his first inaugural.

Tuesday, Mar 5

StoryTeller’s 7: Phil Dunlap, Heroes Need Tarnish: The author of COTTON’S DEVIL has written ten westerns and sees himself as a 19th century […]

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Botched Civil War Raid Created Outrage

The Dahlgen Affair

A bungled raid to free Union Army prisoners being held by the Confederacy at Belle Isle Prison at Richmond, Virginia, embroiled Abraham Lincoln’s administration in a far-reaching controversy.

Documents Target Jefferson Davis for Assassination

On the second of March 1854, Union cavalry officer Colonel Ulric Dahlgren lead the raid, but was shot and killed. Documents found on him outlined broader objects of the raid –to burn and destroy the city, and to kill President Jefferson […]

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