— DARING ROBBERIES NET THOUSANDS BUT GREED DOOMS OUTLAW GANG — On a cold Wednesday morning, mid-February 1888, a man walked into the Bank of Cisco, Texas, just before closing time and asked for change. Before cashier C.C. Leveaux could fulfill the request, he looked up and saw three more men hurry through the door, guns drawn.

The Bill Whitley Gang—sometimes called the Brack Cornett Gang—walked out the door with around $9,000 in […]

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FW Loring

On a crisp Sunday morning of November 5, 1871, a young American newspaper correspondent in search of adventure climbed aboard a stagecoach at Wickenburg, Arizona Territory, and sat in the driver’s box where he would witness a massacre he’d never be able to write about.

Frederick Wadsworth Loring, a correspondent for the New York-based Appleton’s Journal, arrived in the territory the previous spring to cover a military expedition conducting water and terrain studies.

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The 1876 election played out like a heavyweight boxing match with two political heavyweights slugging it for the presidency of the US in a year of politics, power, and promises—a time when both candidates won and lost. READ IT HERE AT WESTERN FICTIONEERS BLOGS:

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Monday, Feb. 18

Death, Waiting in the Shadows: An excerpt from my novel LAST STAND AT BITTER CREEK. A murderous bounty hunter plans on adding three more notches to his Remington.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

StoryTeller’s 7: Richard Bard, and Second Chances: The author of the BRAINRUSH thriller series answers […]

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