Expanding Perspective With “New Eyes”

New Perspectives

I find good quotes either inspiring, or entertaining. The great ones have a way of striking to the heart of an issue in the fewest possible words.

Others paint irresistible visual images to reinforce their messages. Most of them leave me mumbling to myself, “I wish I would have written that.”

One I’ve always liked is from French novelist Marcel Proust, who wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes […]

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Advice From the Writing Masters

Writing Rules from Pros

All writers, experienced or new, can always benefit from a morsel of advice here and there.

It pays to keep an open mind when it comes to advice. A single idea, for example, could trigger a solution to a particular story problem you’ve encountered.

Simple suggestions are often strong enough to open the gateway of imagination to new and better writing skills. But, let’s take this a step further.

Professional Perspective

Imagine you’re sitting in […]

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Coping With Change and Uncertainty

Fresh Pespective

Anyone ever mention you need a new perspective on life?

We’ve all been given such advice along the way, no doubt, and probably by those who need a new perspective of their own. But, it’s worth considering at times.

Perspective is important, especially when it deals with change.

Change Requires Fresh Perspective

Change is what society is all about.

It doesn’t matter what era –this year or yesteryear. Societies operate within a framework of constant […]

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Guest Blog: Author Una Tiers

Una Tiers

It’s my pleasure to welcome writer Una Tiers, author of JUDGE VS NUTS, a novel about the murder of a Cook County judge, which Una describes as a humorcide. Today, as my guest blogger, she has the floor to share her perspective on the elements involved in creating fictional characters.

Characters, Names and Introductions

By Una Tiers

Fiona Gavelle is the protagonist of my humorcide, Judge vs Nuts. Some characters are […]

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