— THIRST FOR VIOLENCE — The rancher turned gunman settled back in the dentist’s chair anticipating relief from a toothache causing him unbearable pain. Minutes later, he exploded in rage when the dentist accidentally drilled into the wrong molar, a misstep that would haunt the doctor later that day.

Clay Allison, a man given to violent mood swings, leaped out of the chair and charged out the door, heading for Cheyenne, Wyoming’s […]

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StoryTeller’s 7: Thomas K. Matthews and “Rejection”

Thomas K Matthews


ALL WRITERS, somewhere along the journey to publishing, face rejection. As the saying goes, it comes with the territory.

Rejection can stop writers cold. And, they either learn to deal with it or get slowly suffocated as the noose of frustration tightens.


This question appears as the tag line on REJECTION, A Lou Drake Mystery, a novel by Thomas K Matthews.

Sometimes, ideas for novels […]

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Phil Dunlap and “Cotton’s War”

Cotton's War

Phil Dunlap’s “Cotton’s War,” opens with outlaw Virgil Cruz on the hunt for revenge, and a big payday.

His target for vengeance: Sheriff Cotton Burke who gunned down Cruz’ brother in the not-too-distant past –the same brother who killed rancher Otis Wagner in cold blood. Cruz kidnaps widow Emily Wagner, as a way to keep Burke at bay for a job he’s planning.

Cruz warns that he’ll kill the woman if Burke comes looking for […]

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Blood of the Scalphunter

John Legg

In John Legg’s BLOOD OF THE SCALPHUNTER, Lije Paterson, a longtime mountain man lends a helping hand to a young man in his twenties, wandering the mountains after Indians killed his fellow trappers.

Dougal McKagan knows little about the rugged life of mountain men, but Paterson teaches him – sometimes with selfish reluctance – what it takes to survive.

Motivated By Profit

Paterson wears many hats –trader, trapper, explorer, teamster, and farmer.

Like other mountain […]

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