— THE MEANEST GOOD GUY — John Horton Slaughter sat at a poker table on Commerce Street in San Antonio, Texas, in 1876, and watched the dealer distribute the last hand. Something about the cards troubled him, but he kept playing.

A short time later, Barney Gallagher slammed his hole-card down and claimed victory.

When he leaned over the table to gather in his winnings, Gallagher found himself […]

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GUNMAN’S ADVICE: Make the First Shot the Last

Marshal Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp, involved in various shootouts during his career, once told an interviewer that speed had nothing to do with success in a gun battle. “Deliberation” was the key—taking the time to aim and pull the trigger once.

One of the few documented instances of two men facing each other in a quick-draw duel took place on July 21, 1865, in Springfield, Missouri, between Wild Bill Hitchcock and David Tutt because of a […]

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