Writing Matters

Writing and speaking matter. Especially today.

More people than ever before are expressing themselves through writing, thanks to Social Media, and email, of course

Like it or not, expressing yourself in writing has become a common pastime.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. You must, however, be an effective communicator, whether or not you’re using social-media-shorthand.

People who never envisioned themselves as writers are writing, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar websites that encourage social interaction.

Much of Social Media is occupied by slang – acronyms, abbreviations, and other terms.

Something I call Social Initializing. Verbal shortcuts.

At the same time, the Internet has encouraged – mostly required – all of us to write in an economical style.

Lean and spare prose is effective, as long as it is clear and understandable.

Writing Matters includes a series of articles on writing and speaking –quick reads that hopefully will spark an idea or two on how to improve how you write, and speak.

The articles deal with various aspects of writing and publishing.


 Articles on Writing




Articles on Speaking & Presentations