Fun and Games in the West

Wild West Show

Attending a lynching, or legal hanging, isn’t my idea of fun, but many people gathered to watch them during the days of the so-called Wild West –the last half of the 19th century.

I’ve often wondered what other things people did for entertainment in those days.

Entertainment Then and Now Similar

Aside from the technology available to us today – TV, the Internet, wireless gadgets – people in the late 19th century entertained themselves in […]

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Shadows of Yesteryear

Short Stories

A short story collection by Jory Sherman features the grandeur, passion and gritty realism of the American West.

“The pale yellow sun wobbled behind the dust, as if temporarily blinded after the heat waves vanished like ghostly waterfalls in the sudden hush. . . ” When I read this passage from the short story, Destiny’s Gun, I was hooked. I knew something special awaited me in “Shadows of Yesteryear,” a collection of western short stories by Jory Sherman.


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Where to Find Inspiration


All of us could use a good dose of inspiration every now and again. Inspiration fuels our mental energy and helps keep our mind focused.

A friend of mine compares inspiration to a cup of morning coffee.

“You need a quick jolt of it to kick-start your creative juices,” he said

Find Inspiration Everywhere

We all get inspiration from different sources.

For some, it’s daily readings or reflections. Others get inspired by a brisk walk […]

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How To Get Ideas

Great Idea!

The creative process often defies explanation. For some, it seems to come naturally. For others, it’s a process that requires a great deal of thinking and tinkering.

An Idea Machine

I envy those among us who can produce ideas at the snap of a finger. And if you ask them how they do it, very few would admit to relying on an actual process for creativity.

For example, a friend of mine, an art director […]

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