After his two companions were wounded, Capt. Jonathan Davis had to rely on two Colts and a Bowie knife to stage a one-man-stand against 14 desperadoes “DEADLY SHOWDOWN.” For the full story of the battle, click here: https://tomrizzo.com/deadly-showdown/ […]

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Innkeeper Henry Van Sickle

 — HEART OF A COWARD — Badman Sam Brown rode into Nevada Territory in the 1860s wearing an Indian-made buckskin coat with double fringes around the bottom edge, bragging about killing more than a dozen men. But an innkeeper named Henry Van Sickle would not be intimidated. 

“Longhaired” Sam Brown struck terror among most settlers when he told them he killed his victims by either hacking them to […]

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FlashBack Friday Newsletter # 16

FlashBack Friday

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Sunday, June 2

James M. Cain, A One-Two Punch of Classic Crime Fiction: The writer who gave us The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Double Indemnity.

Monday, June 3

The Deacon of Death: Bible-spouting gunman ranked among the West’s most fear assassins.

Tuesday, June 4

StoryTeller’s 7 -Larry Sweazy and Scrambling the Genres: Despite 15 years […]

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